The Keepsy iPhone App is here!

Keepsy iPhone AppThe Keepsy team is excited to announce the release of our first iPhone app. What’s that? Another photo app, you say? We know, there are a lot of them out there. So what makes Keepsy different?

Here are some of the very cool things you can do with Keepsy for iPhone:

Get organized
The first thing the Keepsy app does is scan your photos and separate them into Photo Sets, organized by date and time. The app analyzes your shooting habits, time, and location, and then create Photo Sets based on events in your life. You can also create your own Photo Sets by just tapping a selection of photos from your iPhone’s photo library, or Instagram.

Share with anyone.
You can share and update Photo Sets with anyone. Best of all, they don’t even need an iPhone. Just send an email or text a link to the grandparents and they can view and even comment on your Photo Set right from their Mac or PC browser. You can also enable others to add their photos to your collection to make a group Photo Set. Can you imagine how cool the Photo Set from your next party could be?

Take better photos.
It’s nifty to snap a pic of your fancy cappuccino, apply a filter, and post it for the world to see. That’s why we’ve included some great editing and filter tools from Aviary inside the app. But after taking a few dozen of these types of photos, the magic begins to wear off. We wanted something more fun and challenging. Something that would stretch your imagination a bit. So, each week, the app will update you with a new Photo Project theme – filled with photography tips, and designed to help you get more from your iPhone camera.

Print a book from your iPhone with Keepsy

Print a book from your iPhone with Keepsy

Print a photo book – right from your iPhone.
We know you’re busy – so we wanted to make ordering a photo book super simple. Our new hardback Pocket Books are as beautiful as they are easy to make. The new size (7″ x 5″) is super-stylish, and easy to slide into a handbag or purse for carrying with you (and honestly, it’s a lot more fun handing someone a book of photos than showing them your phone).

The app is free, so give it a try and please let us know what you think!

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