Will your mobile photos stand the test of time?

Now that phone cameras and Instagram have given everyone the itch for photography, the Amazonian flow of images that flows past our eyes each day just keeps growing — each photo just a tiny drop in a vast river of simulated silver bromide. Will any of these pics endure the test of time?

Our friend David Mays (aka @bunnyrobot) put together this simple flow chart to demonstrate the chances of your image hanging around longer than a double-tap-flick on someone’s iphone.

Here, in all its glory (and pith): “Succinct Guidelines for Creating Lasting Artistic Images in the Age of Cheap and Ubiquitous Image Manipulation Tools and Filters” (or as we like to say around the office “SGCLAIACUIMTF”)

2 Comments on “Will your mobile photos stand the test of time?”

  1. David says:

    Thank you for posting this article! I usually go for brevity, but I think the additional framing you have added, highlights critical points in the process that easily clarify the essential points in this transformational process.

    • Richard says:

      Where did you guys go? Looks like Venice and maybe Cinque Terra? We JUST got back from Italy yesterday:-) What a fab place, go again!!!

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