How to build an image collage: Video Tutorial

Richard Hernandez (@koci) and Dan Cristea (@konstruktivist) over at lofimode have started a new series of iphoneography tutorials, and their first one is a winner.

Building an image collage” — gets the duo off to a great start. In the 30+ minute tutorial, Koci first gives us a peek at what’s installed on his phone. If you’ve ever wondered what he uses to get such iconic images, this is pure gold. You’ll learn why he shoots over 90% of his pics in one particular camera app, as well as the reasons he avoids the native iPhone camera whenever possible.

In the second half, he chooses a photo from the archive and walks us through his set-up, shooting, as well as the post-processing. The tutorial feels unscripted and genuine, and it’s great fun to see him “app-stack” (use several applications) to process the final shot.

Copyright, Richard Hernandez

If you’ve ever wanted to try emulate Koci’s style, or just wanted to learn about some other great applications you may not have tried, the meager $1.99 the team is charging for the video is well worth it.

Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!



Update: Here’s a shot I took this morning using some of the tips I learned in the video. It’s kinda Koci-esque, no? 🙂

Copyright, Blake Williams

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