Exclusive: The Lost Instagram filters

The latest Instagram release packs several great features, including a bunch of new filters. “Rise” “Amaro” and “Valencia” are already big hits among IG’s nearly 10 million users.

On the other hand, there’s been a lot of chatter about why some filters have disappeared or changed, while others remain:  What happened to “Gothic” and “Apollo”? Why did they change “Early Bird”? And perhaps the most perplexing:

Why keep “Lord Kelvin”?

We caught up with Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom, who assured us that a copious amount of behind-the-scenes testing goes on to see which filters strike the right chord with users. He told us that for every filter that makes the cut, thousands are left on the cutting room floor. After some serious arm-twisting (we bought him coffee) he offered to share a handful of those that just barely missed making the cut for the 2.1 release. Here they are…

1) Dirty Bird

2) Smeagol

3) Flounder

4) Hoff

5) Crumpet

6) Smurf

7) Lichen

8) Selleck

9) Matlock

Will these filters ever see the light of day? Systrom insists the team will “give them the consideration they deserve.”   We can only hope…

12 Comments on “Exclusive: The Lost Instagram filters”

  1. You left out the Shroud of Turin and Acid Trip filters

    • Blake says:

      Yes “Brown Acid” was one of the few that was still under development. Shroud of Turin is just a darker version of Matlock, so we left it out.

  2. @leptonja says:

    Nice to see which filters didn´t make it through the update….(for most of them I am quite relieved ;P ) But I cannot possibly read out the reason WHY they did eliminate Gotham & Co. Didn´t they give you an answer to that? I mean Gotham was truly one of the best and surely most beloved filters….as you said above: why did they keep Lord Kelvin instead of Gotham?!
    Thank you, have a nice day

  3. ModLucy says:

    Perhaps they can have an Instagram 2 with just this type of crazy filter. Who wouldn’t want to sneakk Seamgol (or Golem) in a picture? And you know that full luscious Selleck mustache would make everyone gorgeous. Look what it did for that baby.

  4. […] cut. The one above was named “Dirty Bird”. HoffCrumpetSmurfSelleckCheck out the rest over on the Keepsy blog.Exclusive: The Lost Instagram filters [Keepsy]Image credits: Photographs by Blake Williams/Keepsy […]

  5. Nina says:

    The Smurf was kind of cool but the rest just throw to the winds. All of thoses are like cartoonish and take away the beauty of photography. And Lord Kelvin should go too. I’m lucky I still have Gotham! That should stay for sure. Please keep that as one of your signature filters. Please????

    • Blake says:

      Er… yeah, it’s a parody post. The interview didn’t really take place, and these aren’t really Instagram filters.

      • pq says:

        I have heard rumors that, yes, they are bringing back the old Early Bird. Even better though, it will include a Smeagol/Smurf function. Choose which one you want and where you want it! Alas the new version does not offer a “choose both” option. Not yet.

  6. I wish they’d dump Lord Kelvin and add back Gothom!

  7. Gregorio says:

    Wait so did they change the name to just Kelvin now?

  8. Haha! Love the dirty bird!!! Such a shame its just a made up one:):)

  9. Ryan Wolf says:

    I meant I’m so disappointed that Gotham is STILL gone! Every update I hope it comes back but am always let down….

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