Interview: Anthony Danielle @takinyerphoto

With over 55,000 Instagram followers, Anthony Danielle (aka @takinyerphoto) is a tour-de-force of street photography. His shots of fellow New Yorkers are candid, stylish and fun. We caught up with Anthony recently to learn a bit more about his style and philosophies of shooting on the street.

So Anthony, when you’re not doing photography, you are…

One of three things: working, perusing the internet, or kickin’ it.

How did you originally get into photography? What was your first camera?

[I] first got into photography in high school around 2004. My first film camera was a Minolta Maxxum 3 that I bought from eBay, at about the same time I entered the digital world with a Canon Powershot and upgraded to a Rebel XT probably around 2007.

How would you describe your style in three words?

Street. Style. Now.

If your portfolio had a soundtrack, it would be…

Probably The Beatles, given time I could probably come up with a caption from lyrics or quotes for every picture.

How many photos do you shoot on an average day?

Depending on the time I get to shoot, anywhere between 30-50 pictures a day of which i probably keep around 10-15.

What is a photo technique or rule that your regularly follow (or constantly break)

I love the rule of thirds.

What’s the one iPhone photo app you can’t live without?

Camera+ no doubt. if IG didn’t exist, I’d probably do anything photo-related with Camera+

What else is in your camera bag?

Ha ha – I actually don’t have one. I use my backpack which usually houses my Mophie battery case, headphones, and Ray Ban case.

So, let’s talk about Street Photography a bit. What inspires you to do street photography? What aspects make it challenging for you?

It started out with other people doing street photography and now it’s just people in general. The concept that you never see the same person twice makes it challenging, everyday is like a blank canvas.

And how do you pick your subjects?

Such a good question. I don’t really pick them, we cross paths and I just happen to keep my camera ready enough to capture the moment. Certain people walk with a certain swagger that I can’t help but take a picture of, some people dress really well and I can’t help but take a picture of that, it’s just one of those things that I chalk up to the universe.

Are your subjects aware you’re taking their photos? Do you ask for permission or do you just try to be as candid as possible?

I’d have to imagine some of them know what I’m doing but I’d say a majority doesn’t, you’d have to ask them to find out for sure. I asked a handful of people while shooting Fashion’s Night Out if I could take some pictures, it was definitely different. I’d love to try and do that more often but the spontaneity of the candid is just too good to stop.

Pick one of your favorite photos from your portfolio and tell us the backstory.

I was up in Newport, Rhode Island shooting the Newport Folk Festival which takes place in a Fort and one of our blogging companions was hanging out in this window and he was so small compared to this massive wall of brick I couldn’t help myself.

You do most of your photography in New York City. If you could shoot any other locale in the world, where would it be, and why?

From what I understand Milan is really fashionable, I’d love to check that out. Also on my bucket list is Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam in no particular order.

If someone told you, “I want to take photos like @takinyerphoto,” how would you respond?

Find the busiest part of your town and start shooting.

Any other secret talents we should know about?

I can whistle dixie.

Ok it’s shout-out time: Pick an IG’er with fewer than 300 followers that you think deserves a look from the community.

Fewer than 300… tough one. after going through my followers list it’s gotta be @lizmcbride. I met her at Newport (thanks Instagram!) and she’s really talented when it comes to snapping pictures.

Thanks Anthony!

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  1. Margee says:

    YOU ROCK Anthony

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