Keepsy launches Instagram Gallery

Have you ever wanted to learn more about your favorite Instagram photographers? Hear their stories? Learn what types of techniques and filters they use? Maybe even buy some of their work? Now you can: Announcing the Instagram Gallery

We think there’s a big story brewing with the transition to mobile photography…

There has been a *huge* increase in the number of people that had previously very little experience revealing their creative-side publicly, but have now amassed tens-of-thousands of loyal fans and supporters in a very short time. These are not just pros, but also students and homemakers that are suddenly producing art that is interesting and desirable to a worldwide community.

We’re also seeing people catching on that Instagram is much, much bigger than simply “Twitter for Pictures”. The Instagram platform enables a level of communication and community on par with and potentially even greater than Twitter (when you consider that it’s only 9 months old and only available on iPhone).

Just look at what some of these photographers from the gallery have to say:
All of us mobile photographers — we may be at the beginning of a major revolution. For the first time in the history of mankind, almost anyone — with a cell phone & an internet connection — has the possibility of capturing a scene in any place in the world & of sharing it almost instantly with the rest of the (wired) planet. Technology can be a tool to enslave us, as Thoreau might say. But it can also be a tool for the People of the world to acquire more freedom & build more solidarity. We may be in a revolutionary process similar (in scales & effects) to the post Gutenberg revolution, with a multiplication of the possibility to spread books, knowledge, enlightenment, freedom & awareness  
— Eros Sana, Paris, France
or this:
I started using Instagram a while back when Japan was hit with the earthquake in March and everyone was very fearful and uneasy. At that time I took a peek at the Instagram popular feed and saw a photo of the Japanese national flag and the words “Pray for Japan”. Seeing this, I remember feeling deeply moved and at peace. I felt happiness knowing the world was tied together as one. At that time, more than words, I truly felt the magnificence of “Photo Communication”. — Koji Yokoyama, Tokyo, Japan

This list goes on, but it’s easy to see how profoundly this application has affected people. And what better way to showcase this than to have a gallery of some of the best of the best on Instagram?

These exceptional talents now have a place to tell their stories and compilations of their best work. We hope it will inspire other mobile photographers to discover and push the limits of this amazingly powerful piece of technology that they hold in their hands. If you have favorites that are not on our list yet, be sure to drop us a line and nominate them!

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