Keepsy now with Facebook, Flickr and Picplz

Keepsy photo book cover

The Keepsy gnomes have been hard at work making you a better book-builder, and late last night they emerged from the enchanted forest with some special changes that they know you’re going to love. Take a look:

1. ALL of your photos

You probably have your photos stored all over the place, right?  Now you can grab photos from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, PicPlz (Android users rejoice!) and of course your own computer. And you can mix and match them in the same album. Picasa coming next week!

photo sources for keepsy

 2. Awesome Facebook integration

Access your friends’ photos on Facebook to make your albums.  This means you can build photo books using your photos *and* your friends’ and share them with everyone.  (Awesome surprise gift, anyone?) Keepsy is also one of the first applications to use Facebook’s brand new Send Dialog feature — so you can automatically message and share with any of your friends in the album with just a few clicks.

3. An editor like butter

Major league improvements here, friends. We can’t even describe how smooth this editor is. You’ll just have to create an album and try it out.  We dare say it’s Gnometastic ™.

4. Invite friends to help.  

What if you could get your friends to help you build your album with a couple of clicks? Just use our “invite” button to allow people you choose to add pages to the book. (You always have complete and final control of your album, and nobody can mess with your pages.)

5.  Like it. Tweet it, Post it. 

It’s easier than ever to share your digital albums with friends, family, or the world.  We’ve also made improvements to our great full-size slideshow viewer, which is completely free to use and share.

6. Instant albums  = better

Lots of improvements to our Instant Albums, including updated themes with more attractive backgrounds, layouts and designs.

So have at it! Drop the gnomes a line at support (at) and let us,er… them know what you think.

The gnomes abide. Peace out.

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