Photo of the Day: “Last Day” by @itisjoy

Graduation is in the air –  so we decided to scour the instawebs for some school shots for our Photo of the Day. This pic by @itisjoy of her daughter’s last day in middle school is beautifully composed and very heartfelt. And quite honestly, we’re a little bit choked up in the office…

Last day I’ll watch her get in the car from middle school…. #sadmomma

Congratulations @itisjoy to you and your family for reaching another of life’s milestones!  And congratulations on winning a free photo book of your Instagram pics from Keepsy.

2 Comments on “Photo of the Day: “Last Day” by @itisjoy”

  1. Jake Felts says:

    Great pic, great people. Glad you showcased this pic.

  2. Joy says:

    Thank you so much!!! I really am honored as well!! It still brings tears to my eyes!

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