Cool hack: Make an Instagram photo book with your friend’s photos

Here’s a nice trick. Did you know that you can easily see all of your friend’s public Instagram photos and build an album for them? Sweet surprise gift, huh?  It’s ridiculously easy, too. Here’s what you do:

1. Start an Instagram Album on Keepsy

Step 1: Start an Instagram Album

2. Log-in to Instagram and you’ll see your feed of photos:

Step 2: Load your Instagram feed

3. Notice the URL bar at the top of your browser? It probably looks something like:

Instagram Gift Album Step 3

4. Now here is the hack: Just add your friend’s Instagram user name to the end of the URL. (Don’t forget the “/”)

Instagram Instant Gift Album

5. Hit the Enter key to update the browser window and bingo:

Instagram Gift Album: Step 5

Hey look – it’s all of @kevin’s photos. w00t! Who wants to make him an album? Go on you 733t h@x0rz – Hop to it!

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