It’s official: International shipping for Instagram photo books

Keepsy International Shipping

Keepsy is now shipping overseas! You can now get your Instagram books in the following countries:

New Zealand
United Kingdom

Printing and shipping takes between 10 to 15 business days from the time of your order, depending on your location.

Is your country missing from the list? Would you like Keepsy to ship to your country? Let us know by sending a mail to support @ and tell us where you’re from. We’ll look into what it would take to get you and your friends added to the mix.


Easter Eggs and Instagram

If you’re an Instagram fanatic and are not already following @keepsy, you should. You never know when we’re going to drop a coupon bomb in your laps. I mean there might be one there right now. Just saying…

And all you Android and Picplz folks, don’t get huffy. We have something special coming for you too, very very soon.

Meet Keepsy at the SF TechCocktail

Hey Bay Area peeps,

Fun news — Keepsy was picked to demo at TechCocktail‘s Startup Showcase this Thursday, 5/26 @6:30 in San Francisco.  There will be a bunch of cool companies showing off their latest, and it looks like there are still a few tickets left.  So come say hello and pick up some swag — maybe even win a free photobook. 🙂

Man proposes using Instagram book

All you guys out there, pay attention:

We’ve seen a lot of cool uses for Instagram pics, but we haven’t seen anything quite as creative as what Vishal G. of New York City put together when he decided to pop the question.

His girlfriend Ellora does some stunning work on her iphone, and Vishal decided to honor her talent by putting together a printed book of her work… as an engagement gift.

Naturally, she said “Yes”.  Wouldn’t you?  Congratulations you two!

PS. You should all follow @ida_dactyl on Instagram. As you can see, she’s got skillz:

Instagram engagement album

See more here

Photo of the Day: Untitled by @TonyDetroit

If you like the gritty, candid tension of street photography, you’re going to love @tonydetroit‘s work. It’s always inspring to see what photographers can do with post-processing outside of the stock Instagram filter set, but Tony really pushes the limits of iphoneography.

Over the past few months, I have been focusing the majority of my pictures on the Cass Corridor. During that time, I have developed “street cred.” So much in fact, that I am able to walk anywhere I desire. That’s pretty rare. I even can walk by drug hangouts without them raising an eyebrow…”  @tonydetroit

Rare indeed.

Photo of the Day: Untitled by @yokoyamadelica

Ok, I know you’re wondering when we’re going to get off of our tilt-shift kick. Soon, I promise. But not yet. Not when we keep coming across pics like these from Koji Yokoyama: @yokoyamadelica:

Absolutely great use of tilt-shift. Love the saturation. Be sure to check out the rest of  Koji’s stream on Webstagram.


iPhone4: The Death of the Point-and-Shoot

Great interview with portrait photographer Jack Hollingsworth about the meteoric rise of iPhone4 in the professional photographer’s world:

While he’s not ready to ditch his DSLR quite yet, he’s clearly riding the wave of  new camera and photo processing mobile apps.

In all honesty I’ve only used my own DSLR a few times since upgrading my iPhone4. How about you?